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Sirona Dental Systems LLC
4835 Sirona DriveSuite 100
Charlotte, NC 28273

Sirona Dental Systems is committed to providing the utmost service to our customers and dealer partners in North America. To contact a Sirona US representative, please call the toll free number and select the appropriate choice from the list below:

Telephone: 800-659-5977

Fax: 888-297-8631

To create a service request online click HERE. An agent will respond within a business day.

Customer & Technical Support

For assistance with equipment and parts orders for Imaging, Operatory, Instruments, CEREC Government:

Order Processing & Returns Option 1
Supervisor: Deanna Claffee, Extension 124
Email: [email protected]

For assistance with technical questions regarding X-Ray, Delivery Systems, Chairs, Handpieces and Lasers:

Technical Support –

Imaging, Operatory and Handpiece

Option 2, Ext 1
Supervisor: Chris Harris, Extension 193
Email: [email protected]

For assistance with technical questions regarding Galileos 3D Imaging:

Technical Support – GALILEOS Option 2, Ext 2
Supervisor: Eriks Blaschka, Extension 101
Email: [email protected]

For assistance with technical questions regarding CEREC, inLab,

inEos and inFire:

Technical Support – CAD/CAM Option 3
Supervisor: Ed O’Donohue, Extension 153
Email: [email protected]

Product Marketing

Imaging:  John Smithson
Extension #121
Email: [email protected]
Handpieces:  Stephane Leduc
Extension #175
Email: [email protected]
Operatory Equipment:  Stephane Leduc
Extension #175
Email: [email protected]
CAD/CAM (CEREC):  Tessa Barrier
Extension #104
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Communications

Marketing Communications:  Michele Emmons
Extension #114
Email: [email protected]

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