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The requirements and pre-requistes are:

1. The Imagining Site Survey must be completely filled out and submitted to Sirona’s technical team for approval. The site survey can be filled out HERE.

2. The PC Checker tool must be ran to ensure compatibility with Sidexis 4. The tool with instructions can be found HERE (version 1.3).

SIDEXIS 4 is a complete newly developed software which brings the patient into the focus of the practice.

It is a future platform for:

  1. Findings and Patient history
  2. Patient Communication
  3. Therapy planning and simulation
  4. Device control
  5. Integrated workflows

SIDEXIS 4 is completely different platform from previous versions, as such there are requirements and prerequistes that must be met before installing SIDEXIS 4.

Sidexis 4 Introduction:

Sidexis 4 Server software:

Sidexis 4 Client software:

Sidexis 4 Server Upgrade form Sidexis XG:

Further information for SIDEXIS 4 can be found here:

Sidexis 4 Quick Guides

Sidexis 4 + GALILEOS Implant Important User Note *Please print and hand this document to the user!

Sidexis 4 Tutorials on owner’s site

User Documentation

Technical Documentation

Sidexis 4 Twain

Third Party Integration

Sidexis Add-ons